The Wizard of Oz:
A Children's Ballet

The Paradise Theatre

Friday, May 6, 2022 at 6pm

Saturday, May 7, 2022 at 2pm


Directed and choreographed by Bekah Scalero


Narration from The Wizard of Oz 

Book by L. Frank Baum c. 1900


Music from The Wizard of Oz 

Motion Picture Soundtrack

MGM Studios 1939


Sponsored by the Blue Sage Center for the Arts


Act 1: From Kansas to Munchkinland

Act 2: Journey to the Emerald City

Intermission – 15 minutes

Act 3: The Witch and the Wizard


(in order of appearance)



Sarah Green



Lila Golding, Willow Nikirk, Ava Nydell, Grace Nydell, 

Alice Robinson, Anja Ullman, Emerson Wassell, Tali Williams



Whittier Ullman



Willow Harlacher, Aleisah Miller, Sophie Wain, Sula Werner


Witch of the East:

Clara Koerner



Grace Nydell



Isabella Angelfire, Sylvia Cohen, Eddy Graves, Penelope Holthausen, Teagan Ihnot, Eleni McCarthy, Savanna Nance, Ebba Pennell, Cora Pierson, Evie Ramsey, Abigail Walton


Lullaby League:

Charleigh Klepper, Marley Munoz, Ruby Wegner, Lucy Whitman, Maple Wood, Clara Woolf


Lollipop Guild:

Rose Golding Anthony, Demi Jones, Juniper Nance, Lila Mae Ramsey, Grayson Rupe


Witch of the West:

Lila Golding



Ava Nydell


Tin Woodman:

Emerson Wassell


Cowardly Lion:

Alice Robinson



Rose Golding Anthony, Demi Jones, Charleigh Klepper, Marley Munoz, Juniper Nance, Lila Mae Ramsey, Grayson Rupe, Ruby Wegner, Lucy Whitman, Maple Wood, Clara Woolf


Guardian of the Gate:

Tali Williams


Emerald City Residents:

Lila Golding, Willow Nikirk, Anja Ullman, Tali Williams


Flying Monkeys:

Willow Harlacher, Clara Koerner, Aleisah Miller, 

Whittier Ullman, Sophie Wain, Sula Werner


Wizard of Oz:

Anja Ullman


Aunt Em:

Betsy Johnson


Behind the scenes:

Live music: Shannon Ullmann

Lighting: Kate Redmond

Sound: Taya Jae, Tracy Ihnot

Stage hands: Tori Boll, Nina Clouse, Megan MacMillan, Rebecca Pierson, Christina Robinson, Kailey Rupe, Shannon Ullmann

Costumes: Nina Clouse, Taya Jae, Betsy Johnson, Bekah Scalero

Props/Set: Koerner family, Ullman family, Wassell family, Daniel Roman, Bekah Scalero

Face Painting: Nina Clouse, Bonnie Wood

Narrators: Avery Kinsner, Bekah Scalero                 

Posters: Yoka Design

Box office: Paradise Theatre

Flower sales: Galina Miller, Jade Scalero

Ushers: Sarah Moore, Jen Ramsey


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